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Abdul Ameer Roih Nuri al-Rikabi, Iraq

Abdul Ameer Roih Nuri al-Rikabi
_ Iraq / 1974
_ Technical Institute Diploma
_ Member of the Association of Fine Iraqi branch of Karbala
_ Participant in many local exhibitions and competitions and the World

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    9th International Eskisehir/Turkey Cartoon Festival (Wednesday, 15 June 2016 12:38)

    Dear Our Cartoonist Friend,

    As Aktiffelsefe Yeni Yuksektepe Cultural Association,
    we organize the 9th International Eskisehir Cartoon Festival this year.

    The theme of the festival is "World Heritage”.

    We would be very glad if you could contribute to our Festival with your works.

    Aktiffelsefe Yeni Yüksektepe Cultural Association Eskisehir Branch Public Relations Department

    +90 222 220 51 66