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Date of Birth: 04.dec.1962
Country: ROMANIA
Short Curriculum Vitae:
 Free Cartoonist and Illustrator since the early 90s.
Art work:Press cartoon,book illustrations.
Cartoons and illustrations printed in magazines and newspapers of Romania and other countries.
Publishing in the romanian newspapers and humour rewiews.
Participating at national and international exhibitions.
Member of POINT Associated Cartoonists.
Member of the Cartoonist Union and the Federation of Cartoonist Organisation (FECO)-Romania
Awards in 2009:
China -Gold Prize: Googlm International Cartoon Contest
Serbia -Gold medal:15th Antiwar Cartoon Salon Kragujevac-
Israel -Bronze medal: -MY COMIC DENTIST
Bulgaria -I Prize: "Together for Security and Peace"
Cehia-IV Prizes:8th International Biennale Cartoon Pisek-
China -Special prize: International Cartoon Competition ,,Magic,,
Italia -Special Jury Prize:Humour a Gallarate-
Belgium-Special prize: Euro-Fruitcartoonale-
- Bulgaria-Honourable Mention:Kavarna-
Awards in 2010:
Italia:Prize "Humoris Causa"ex aequo-12th International Graphic Itinerant Humour Festival-H2O
Germany:Cartoon Competition,,Plagiarism,
Belgium-Special prize: Euro-Fruitcartoonale
Croatia(Zagreb)- Grand Prize : 4th International Exhibition CarCaricature
Romania(Braila)- Grand Prize
Italia: Honourable Mention Studio d'Arte Andromeda
Awards in 2011:
Romania: Second prize (International Salt & Pepper Satirical ArtSalon)
Iran (Tabriz) : Second prize (First International City and citizen cartoon contest)
Bosnia : Special diploma (Nosorog)
Belgium: I Prize- International Press Cartoon and Humor contest Virton
Iran: Honorable Mention (Productivity Cartoon)
Bulgaria (Ruse): I Prize-(Volunteering)
Romania: Honorable Mention (Green planet cartoon)
Croatia(Solin)- Special prize
Israel(Haifa)- Honorable Mention
Romania: Second prize (Bistrita-,,Golden apple,,)
Romania: Special prize(Braila-,,Doctors and patients)
China: ExcellencePrize
Italia: Mention :Humour a Gallarate
Awards in 2012:
 Iran (Oil Cartoon) : Mention
Croatia(Solin)- Special prize
Croatia(Zagreb-Tourism)- Special mention
Poland (Jaka Bede): Mention
Poland (Karpik): Honorable Mention
Hungary (Axial Cartoon Contest) :2 Prize
Slovakia (Brain Sneezing): 3 Prize
Argentina (Diogenes Taborda): 2 Prize
China (Gold panda) : Special prize
Korea - Daejeon (DICACO) : the Best cartoon Prize

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    9th International Eskisehir/Turkey Cartoon Festival (Среда, 15 Июнь 2016 12:35)

    Dear Our Cartoonist Friend,

    As Aktiffelsefe Yeni Yuksektepe Cultural Association,
    we organize the 9th International Eskisehir Cartoon Festival this year.

    The theme of the festival is "World Heritage”.

    We would be very glad if you could contribute to our Festival with your works.

    Aktiffelsefe Yeni Yüksektepe Cultural Association Eskisehir Branch Public Relations Department

    +90 222 220 51 66