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Ferreol Murillo Fuentes (Коста Рика)



Full Name: Ferreol Murillo Fuentes

Pseudonyn: “ FERROM ”

Date of Birth: 1/5/1956




Born in1956 in Alajuela city, Costa Rica.


Studied graphic desing and ilustration at the University of Costa Rica.


Founder menber of “ La Pluma Sonriente” humorist group (1980-1987) and “ La Zarigüeya” Cartoonists Association (1988-2012).


His cartoons have been published in “La Nación” newspaper and other magazines since 1983.


Participed in international Cartoon Contest in Germany, Suitzerland, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Spain, Polonia, Bulgaria, U.S.A. Israel, Serbia, Colombia, Portugal, Ucrania, Romania, Turkey, China, Croatia, Italy, Macedonia and Japan.




Germany/ – Switzerland/ – Japan/ - Israel. - Serbia/ – China/ – Turkey / Macedonia / Brazil / Nepal / Italy / Cuba, México, Argentina and Romania.

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    9th International Eskisehir Cartoon Festival (Wednesday, 15 June 2016 11:44)

    Dear Our Cartoonist Friend,

    As Aktiffelsefe Yeni Yuksektepe Cultural Association,
    we organize the 9th International Eskisehir Cartoon Festival this year.

    The theme of the festival is "World Heritage”.

    We would be very glad if you could contribute to our Festival with your works.

    Aktiffelsefe Yeni Yüksektepe Cultural Association Eskisehir Branch Public Relations Department

    +90 222 220 51 66